September 2019 Top Producers

August 2019 Top Producers
September 13, 2019

Congratulations to our Top Producers for September 2019.

As an office, our sales volume increased 51% and our sold units increased 69% vs. September, 2018.

Jim Bim Team


Top Producers, Top Sales, & Top Listings

$12.3 million + total production on 17 units

Robin Wilson


Top Producer,  Top Sales & Top Listings

$3.4 million + total production on 10 units

Diamond Club

Laura Lee Jones

$3.5 million + total production on 5 units

Ken Zeng

$2.8 million + total production on 7 units

Susan Muth

$1.8 million + total production

Emerald Club

Donna MacBrayne, Henry Dahlen, Wayne & Mary Eaton, Wendy Yi, Vashti Pullum, Lisa Wallace, Lynn Brooker, Karen Jones, Sheila Gordon

Sapphire Club

Rhonda Holt-Holder, Ann Marie Freter-Field, Deena Davis, Maureen Wienecke  


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