Kevin and Theresa have been nothing but helpful, patient, and professional from start to finish.

Jean M Chavis, realtor at Long & Foster Real Estate Ellicott City
I could not have been luckier than to have Jean Chavis as my sales agent!
November 11, 2014
Patrick Coulter of Long & Foster Real Estate Ellicott City
Thank you for being understanding and not trying to push us into making a decision.
February 3, 2015
Kevin J. Hammersmith, realtor at Long & Foster Real Estate Ellicott City

Recently my sister and I decided to sell my mother’s home. We sought out two of your realtors, Kevin Hammersmith and Theresa Schaeffer.

Kevin Hammersmith and Theresa Sceaffer have been nothing but helpful, patient, and professional from start to finish.  My sister works for FEMA and does not know the first thing about real estate or mortgages.  Kevin and Theresa were diligent in explaining each process to her, each document, and all the other facets that coincide with the purchase contract down to the settlement statement. There was one instance where Kevin drove all the day down to Lorton, VA (over an hour each way) in order to get some final signatures needed on the contract from my mother. This was after closing, when an additional condition was presented from the lender.

The house was where my sister and I had grown up. My sister and I rushed to get whatever was left out of the house to prepare for the showings. There were many personal deeply sentimental things that I had missed and Theresa took the time out of her day (without me asking) to gather those things to show what I had missed.  This included letters from my Grandmother’s friends and some other mail correspondence from 1905-1925 from my grandmother’s home city of Barcelona, Spain.

Theresa also was completely helpful in getting all of the workers (plumbers, maids, electricians) in and out of the house when needed.  It was terribly inconvenient for me to make it out there. Without Theresa’s help and copious amount of time devoted this would not have happened.

There are times where a simple thank you or a handshake and a warm smile just does not indicate the amount of gratitude that one is attempting to convey.  I hope this review reaches many.  Just really wanted everyone who is reading this to know what caliber of realtors you have working for your company.

Thanks for listening.

Orlando G.