Mary Jane Macgill genuinely cared about helping us.

Patrick Coulter of Long & Foster Real Estate Ellicott City
Patrick Coulter is a cut above the majority.
April 3, 2014
Laura Lee Jones of Long & Foster Real Estate Ellicott City
Laura Lee Jones was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and supportive.
May 1, 2014
Mary Jane Macgill, realtor at Long & Foster Real Estate Ellicott City

Our family was in process to make a final decision to either stay where we were or to relocate closer in with less of a commute. We spontaneously decided to go out one Sunday and visit some open house’ in our ideal location. There we met Realtor Mary Jane MacGill during an open house. We found her to be very approachable and easy to talk to about our future plans.  Further, during this time we had our current home on the market with another Realtor that did not sell our property and did not even have one open house.  Afterwards, we decided to pull the house off the market and rethink the idea to sell or stay.  However, Mary Jane kept in touch with us and even sent us information about what was going on in the area.  She did all of this and we did not have a contract with her, which really impressed us and showed us that she genuinely cared about helping us.  After taking a couple of month’s break from having the house on the market and it not selling we decided to reconnect with Mary Jane and talk about starting the process with her this time. We knew from the minute she drove an hour to get to our home during a storm, and the time that she put in to explain her agreement, along with details as to how she would help us get the home sold that she could help us.

To make a long story short we wanted to relocate, had a house to sell, had found another home we loved that we signed a 30 day contingency to get our home sold, and within “two” weeks, during a not so great market Mary Jane sold our house. Again, in just two weeks.  We lived in a really royal area where the housing market had dropped significantly and the location had to appeal to buyers looking for that lifestyle.  There were several other homes that were on the market much longer than ours that did not sell.  It needs to be known that not only did she get the home sold quickly, but that she had a great marketing plan, had plenty of open houses and got us not one but multiple offers on the home.

Throughout the process the biggest thing that helped us this time was getting Mary Jane because of her experience, great advice, and genuine concern about listening to our needs is just some of the reasons why we are now living in our dream home and great location. We consider Mary Jane to be part of our family now and if we ever decide to go through this again we will work with her.  We highly recommend Mary Jane to anyone who is either looking to sell or buy a home.


The C. Family